May Favourites 2016

Well here we are at the end of may and I collected all the favourites for you. This month I was all about those summer colours. Since I am for all kind of natural makeup you’ll never find any foundation on my faves. Closest thing to fave is concealer, which I use frequently, but here we go with my beauty loves for the month of may:

1. Lash and brow gel mascara – Essence

Newly added to my routine. With the loss of my all time favourite one from catrice this is a really good replacement. The texture is not too sticky and not too fluid which is always good if you don’t want to run around with gelly eyebrows (remember the days boys used to much hair gel in their hair? That’s what I am talking.)

2.  Mascara Dimension de Chanel – Chanel

Worlds tinyest sample of a mascara I ever got. The brush is insane and looks like someone twisted a normal mascara brush around. The result is quiet stunning and makes every evening makeup look a lot more dramatic. Can’t say I would buy it again since its unreasonably expensive and other mascaras did a good job as well.

3. The velvets Eyeshadow in 08 coral me maybe – Essence

Well well. It’s all about those nudes. Really enjoy the soft touch of this little babe. It is glittery but not too glittery and the colour (the colour!!!). Do I need to say more?

4. Eyeshadow brush 227/Luxe Soft Definer – ZOEVA

Perfect eyeshadow brush to apply and blend eyeshadow evenly. The rosegold detail looks really beautiful and the quality is amazing. I already washed the brush several  times and it still looks like out of the package.

5.  Blush up! Blusher in 20 pinky flower – Essence

Bought this beautiful summer blush last year september, so I am not sure if the colour is still available. This pink blush has a gorgeous colour and the ombre effect allows to switch up the colour on the go.

6. Dew the Hoola liquid bronzer – Benefit 

I am actually not the biggest fan of liquid makeup things, but this one got me hooked. The liquid bronzer gives your face a soft glow and blends in easily. For year round summer feelings.

7. Cindy-Lou Manizer Highlither – The Balm

One of my all time favourite highlighters for summer. It is indeed not for everybody and most bloggers out there love the yellow-champagny coloured Mary-Lou Manizer more. Cindy is a little more peachy which suits my skintone better.


What were your favourites in May? Leave a comment down below.

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