Work-Life Balance

Where have I been?

You might have been wondering where I am. I have been gone for quite a while (as you might have noticed). The thing is sometimes life just gets in the way. You struggle to get your life together and the last thing you want to do after work is sit at your desk and write something.

There is simply no other excuse than this one. Since my job requires a lot of communting I am really spare on free time. And in that free time I am tired. Tired of my situation. Tired on a variety of things. I won’t go into detail, but let me put it like this. I miss this blog. And I want to commit to this, maybe not on a daily basis, maybe not even weekly. But I will stick around looking for something to write about. I had so many great experiences last year that I would have loved to share here but didn’t.

This blog is a great creative space, where I can develop ideas, try new things and tell people about it. Things I like and care for. So if you like it too stick around. I will make this work.

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